Bada Bing Pizza

Give us a try.... It's the Real Thing Baby!


Ahh... the power of a sale; a sale has the power to make and break, and in the case of Bada Bing Pizza, it definitely made. Vicki Koepke’s eye was caught by cheap pizza bags. She had been thinking of starting some sort of food business in Cedar Grove because she likes to cook and has experience with it; so the sale was like a sign. She talked to her husband Bob and her brother-in-law Dave, who previously owned a restaurant together, and together they began to mix the ingredients for a local pizzeria.

While searching for a name for their new pizza place, the trio wanted to think of something easy to remember with a little bit of a kick…Bada Bing!

To get ready for the opening of Bada Bing Pizza, Vicki got certified with the state for food handling and began to practice her new recipes. With her family often serving as willing guinea pigs, Vicki tested many recipes before she considered adding them to the menu.

In order to run a successful business, the Bada Bing crew believes that homemade, high quality pizza is the ticket. “People want real food, and that is what Bada Bing provides.” Vicki said. In a business that often centers on efficiency rather than excellency, a high quality product will set you apart. For instance, during the growing season Bada Bing Pizza proudly offers locally grown organic vegetables on pizzas. Only the highest quality meats and cheeses are used.

Recently, they decided to expand their business to Fredonia. 

Bada Bing Pizza

213 S Main Street
Cedar Grove, WI 53013 920-668-8488
221 Highland Drive
Fredonia, WI 53021 262-692-2556
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Bada Bing Pizza

Sunday: 3pm8:30pm

Monday: Closed

TuesdayThursday: 2:30pm8:30pm

Friday, Saturday: 2:30pm10pm

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